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No matter where they are you are set up to counter itbut only if you act appropriately. Avoid going through E0 since it is a death zone.

In the meantime Squad E will flex back to base to help defend and the medium in the valley will fall back to A2. Alternatively if a town push is in play you will hopefully have damaged a few tanks crossing over to it.

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Have your town squads set up in cover and wait for the enemy to push into you. Your artillery can hit D0 very well as well as Squad E meaning that you must prevent the enemy from advancing up the two other roads that provide more cover.

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If you are being smashed by artillery you can decide to push instead using the red and yellow lines this means they have arty in J1 and several tanks protecting it. You will want to make sure to have good eyes on the valley while doing this to prevent them from fast capping.

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Once you secure the town you can pull back a few tanks to swing around through the valley so you are attacking from 3 sides and not 2. If you load before your team reas F2 then fire away to try and clear that ledge.

Squad A will group up quickly and push over while clearing to H2 at the start of the match.

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Squad B will follow behind and set up on the hill in F2. This strategy is hinging on taking the valley quickly and figuring out if there is any base defense. If the enemy has a heavy valley presence your only option is to plow forward and take them out. You should have the advantage since you will have the initial artillery shot followed by a plan tank rush over have your tanks take one route to centralize your firepower.

Your base defense will be enough that any tanks that reach your base will either be to late or if they are limited in number will die. Once the valley is dealt with you can either decide to pull back and attack elsewhere or continue on through. If the valley is lightly guarded 5 or less tanks it will be very easy to clear. This strategy is very similar to the northern sides city oriented defense.

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However, it differs since you will be very aggressive. Initially you will have Squad E be a hard hitting tank that will watch over the F2 hill.

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If anything is spotted take a shot and then back away. The mobile artillery will initially be aimed at the church area and later on move behind the town. Make sure to move over to the town as far south as possible to prevent yourself from being spotted.

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This strategy relies on the commander being flexible and reacting quickly. It also only works if every tank on the attack works as a group and does not hesitate while smashing into the enemy defense. If enemies are encountered in the church area make sure to push all tanks across the field and behind artillery cover.

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If the enemy is set up behind the buildings in the D line instead follow the routes and crash into them. This cuts the enemy off from moving more tanks into the city since squad D can fire on them moving across the open field.

Artillery will move in between shots when the attack starts to gain better firing angles. If the valley is ever attacked of pushed upon you will want squad E to fall back to H4 and some of squad D to stay near base.

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If it is a large enough force then you will pull back all but tanks once the city attack is over and swing them back through your base to crush any enemy tanks there. Valley Oriented Attack.

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Sometimes mats are won and lost in the first minute if a team pulls off a ton of damage from good spotting in the center. If you are feeling confident some heavy tanks can work in the center road early. Make sure you have excellent frontal armor and decent side armor. It also depends on the spawn location you get and how much confidence you have in making it to E4.

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Outside of early pushes the center does hold importance later in mats. It has excellent shots into the town and provides a direct path to each base. From there flanking the valley will clear out most of the map and leave the town isolated.

Vice versa clearing the town out leaves just the valley left to clear. High risk and high reward mid to late game.

Lakeville best hookup spot

Beware of being picked off from tanks hanging back in A7 or K7. They also are great if you are bottom tier in a light and can focus purely on spotting. From the north yellow side there is C6. However, if you use G7 there is a small bush next to the building. This spot provides the best spots from the south outside of pushing the center road.

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The downside is that if enemies push in the town you will be spotted from E9. Last but not least the town flank usually sees the most fighting. Both sides are somewhat mirrored in that the courtyard around the church has 3 paths on either end.

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If you plan on going to the town please hug as close as you can reasonable get to the edge of the map. For the southern team that means the bottom of the K line. The northern team the top of the A line.

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If you fail to do this you will be torn to shreds from SPGs and shots from the center. Once you are at the town you need to make an educated guess on how your team stacks up against the enemy.

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This is so that the tanks outside the town, friendly SPGs, and center road tanks can assist you. If you have an advantage or are equal in numbers to the enemy. From the north yellow side pushing to the E8 location can help clear the courtyard.

Going high near the edge of the map in the town will lead to you being hit from outside tanks.

Lakeville is an iconic map in World of Tanks since it is balanced and relatively the same layout for both sides/teams. The minute differences for both sides however make the map favor certain teams in small areas and thus for competitive play there minute differences will alter how you approach Lakeville. For the northern team you gain the initial advantage in securing the central pathway. Lakeville Mountain - Mode in Top-Qualitat. Lakeville Mountain bietet nachhaltige Outfits zu fairen Preisen. Die Brand setzt nicht nur bei den verwendeten Materialien, sondern auch in San Herstellung auf Qualitat. Dank des exzellenten Preis-Leistungs-Verhaltnisses kann Dein Geldbeutel aufatmen. Die Kleidung von Lakeville Mountain zeichnet sich durch langlebige und robuste Eigenschaften.

From the south blue side the same holds true with the locations in F8 provide the easiest path. One downside of these locations is that if you need to push completely across to the enemies side of the town. You will be wide open to being hit from the tanks at the enemy base.

I find this a fair trade since I would rather win the town and worry about that after. Rather than lose the town and as a result be knocked out anyway.

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