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Without even getting into the non-contextual nature of the items you listed as being related to Templars. The coincidence of location does not prove items are related and it most certainly does not prove a group of people had secret knowledge of accurately calculating longitude hundreds of years before the marine chronometer was invented. Anonymous, Coincidence huh? The context of these items has already been investigated and the most likely origin for all but the two sites are the medieval Templars. The only thing any reasonable person can conclude is the Templars were able to determine longitude with reasonable accuracy as further evidenced by the 12th Century Zena Halpern map of Nova Scotia. Scott, Yes coincidence, you have no other evidence other than what you "believe", therefore you relate to coincidence of location as evidence.

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Based on a best-selling novel Cabal of the Westford Knight by David S. Brody, this film explores the possibility that a group of Knights Templar explored New England and left clues to the. Summary: Karen Johnson is 68 years old and was born on 04/12/ Right now, Karen Johnson lives in Tyngsboro, MA. Sometimes Karen goes by various nickname including Karen S Johnson. Personal details about Karen include: political affiliation is currently a registered None; ethnicity is Caucasian; and religious views are listed as Christian. 12/28/  The first scenario you laid out is pretty much the way it happened. I was originally looking at the relative position on a map of the Westford Knight to where the Boat Stone was discovered, and noticed that due north of the Boat Stone was the site of the Tyngsboro Map Stone.

American car manufacturer Willys-Knight 70A of Artist: Bill Brunell. Willys-Knight car at the Southport Rally, Reproduction vintage advertising sign for Willys Knight motor cars.

Tyngsboro knight dating

An immaculate Willys-Knight 4-door sedan from the mid 's displayed at a classic car show in Hampshire. A Willys Knight Model 70 Roadster a classic American car from the 's with unusual sleeve valve engine.

Willys-Knight is an automobile that was produced between and by the Willys-Overland Company of Toledo, Ohio. Willys-Knight introduced a sleeve-valve V8 inwhich was sold until Willys-Knight enjoyed a production run average of 50, cars per year after For example, the standard unit of measurement used in construction through all New England in the 17 th century was the English foot.

The Newport Tower was laid out in the Norwegian short alen, so it was not created by the 17th-century colonists. He quotes the procedures that were applied to the structure by the Danish professor Andre J.

The carbon 15 examination displayed that the Newport Tower was standing throughout the years of to These determine the baptistery was additionally employed for navigational reasons. James Whittall pointed out that the tool marks made in the dressing out of the stonework of the Newport Tower can be directly linked to tools in use before These marks are unknown and uncharted when compared to tool marks recognized in Colonial stonework. The walls have been covered with a stucco finish, both exterior and interior.

Stucco was added in the s, and is featured in Orkney and Shetland. This is believed because the architecture of the tower has similarities to that of northern Scotland, where Prince Henry had ruled. Some other researrs have proposed units of measurement that were used to create the tower were either the Norwegian alen or the Scottish ell.

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Numerous other details leave no doubts that the tower was a provenance of pre-Columbian peoples. Among the least known, but most convincing, finding of its type is a one line, lithic inscription discovered close to Pojac Point in Narragansett Bay, a large river on the north side of Rhode Island Sound.

3/26/  Michael Knight, a year-old musician and a caseworker for people with mental disabilities, has been breaking the tension by posting memes like: "They said a mask and gloves were enough to go. Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. Not far from the Tyngsboro Map Stone, in the same county, a better-known Massachusetts site he investigated is the Westford Knight allegedly illustrated on glacially striated, mica-schist bedrock. The image had been familiar to generations of Westford residents, but was only professionally photographed for the first time immediately following.

The mostly drowned, two ton, glacial boulder is in a challenging position around 60 feet from shore. The waters are often rough for the pre-Columbian, which says much for the runes etd onto its top. It extends beyond above the surface of the sea and is frequently washed by the wave action.

Summary: Robert Busby is 51 years old today because Robert's birthday is on 10/01/ Robert calls Tyngsboro, MA, home. Robert also answers to Robert J Busby, Robert W Busby and Robert Wallace Busby, and perhaps a couple of other names. A classic American Willys Knight touring car dating from c. An immaculate Willys-Knight 4-door sedan from the mid 's displayed at a classic car show in Hampshire. Tyngsboro and Westford: containing an alphabetical list of the inhabitants and business firms, streets, town offices, societies, churs and other miscellaneous matter. Sep 22, - This Pin was discovered by Jerusha Stefani. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

These kind of conditions argue strongly against the possibility of a hoax. Wolter had discovered that each of the nine gyphs was around two ins long and one-half of an inch deep.

The first rune contained a version of H that dated to the late Middle Ages. The period that was suspected is confirmed when a telltale hooked X was found in the Narragansett Stone. Other hooked X specimens were found far from the Narragansett stone in They were discovered buried alongside the shores of Spirit Pound close to Popham Beach.

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This is not far from the Maine coast. Other accidental finds, unfortunately made by an unaccredited person, the three Spirit Pound stones were automatically deemed fraudulent by mainstream opinion. They were put into the Main State Museum located at Hallowell.

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There Wolter had taken around 1, images of them from to His analysis displayed that one of the stones was illustrated with a map. It was oddly oriented with east at the top and north to the left; this is something a forger would have not been likely to do.

Untilmedieval maps were similarly oriented to the location of Jerusalem, putting the east direction at the top. Not too far from the Tyngsboro Map Stone, in the same county, is a Massachusetts location he investigated in the Westford Knight, who had allegedly decorated the ice mass on the striated, mica schist bedrock.

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The picture has been familiar to generations of Westford settlers, yet it has only been professionally photographed for the first time following World War II. To protect the location, Goodwin did not reveal its actual position.

Several years after his passing, a committed reader known as Frank Gylnn, discovered the image, which was made by punch holes created with a hammer. The irregular illustration was supposed to portray a helmeted a knight at arms with a shield and sword. When Wolter analyzed it inhe was not able to make out anything that resembled a human figure, possibly because it is worn away in the decades of exposure to the elements after moss covering the illustration.

He ultimately clearly discerned the depicted outline of a broadsword which, according to historian Michael Kaulback, was identified by British antiquarians as a big wheel pommel blade of the 14th or 13 th century.

A short walking distance from the Westford Knight, the JV Fletr Library shows a pound glacial granite boulder with a picture of a sailing vessel in the company of three gyphs and an arrow. These artifacts have turned into something invaluable for the validation of their pre- Columbian origins, all because of an professional geologist and accredited scientist. He has removed them from the speculation of amateur theorists. Most importantly, Scott Wolter shows that they are fragments of a puzzle far greater than the individual parts.

The bigger picture is the credibility from his analysis that unveils the astonishing extent and depth of the Norse impact on our continent long before Christopher Columbus was born. Importantly, as the first copies of The Hooked X were published by the press, every word the author wrote was being underscored by Rene Larsen, who was rector of the School of Consercation located at the Royal Danish Academy of the Fine Arts.

Their five year examination generally accepted that this document was the Norse voyage to the exploration of North America starting after AD, American Free Press reported.

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The map had displayed land masses that were identified as the Vinilanda Insla. Great job Sue.

Keep it up. They lied. Everyone else had clothes on. She recently posted iPhone video of herself pretending to work a nonexistent crowd on an outdoor stage she happened upon during a walk. William J.

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